I requested a feature to add color temperature setting on fstormcamera a while ago on the facebook group.
Can this be incorporated natively?

Had some time to script it over the weekend enjoy, a bit of a hack, but works.

rollout FSCam_WB "Color Temp" width:150
    fn cam_filt obj = classof obj == FStormCamera
    pickbutton fsCam "select FS_camera" filter:cam_filt
    spinner colortemp "Temp" range:[1000,40000,6500] type:#integer
    on fsCam picked obj do
        fsCam.text = obj.name
    on colortemp changed tempVal do
        rgb1 = ConvertKelvintoRGB tempVal 1
        rgbmax = amax rgb1.r rgb1.g rgb1.b
        rgb1 = rgb1/rgbmax * 255
        selCam = fsCam.object
        print selCam.white_balance
        selCam.white_balance = color rgb1.r rgb1.g rgb1.b

createdialog FSCam_WB