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    I have to say Fstorm is the best Render Engine i have ever used ,,,, i was the Vray Forum Mod for 10 years ... and used all GI Engines including LightScape .... keep up the Fantastic work Guys .. Amazing

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    I second that, I've used so many different render engines and most since beta, Brazil R/S, Mental Ray, Final Render, Red Shift, Vray (10 years also) and so on. All of these have so many great features and that was hard to let go of at first, but once I hit render with Fstorm it just blazed out renders with almost everytime expect results. The hardest part for me when I first used Fstorm was getting use to not having the 3ds Max map options and sometimes I do have a need for those and have to bake it out to texture. Also, sometimes I need a small add features that can't be implemented right away so I have to make work arounds. But this is not do to a lack of effort on Andrey's side, I can see in his software that he is a diligent coder. I almost went with Octane until I found Fstorm and read the legal case against him from the Octane group. At that point it didn't matter to me how popular Octane was, I don't like backstabbers. If Fstorm is David and Octain is Goliath I'll stick with the one that knows how to hit it's targets.


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      Very nice that this thread is started. I also want to say that I use Fstorm daily now. I was a Maxwell and Corona user before but then I switched to Fstorm and never looked back. That's almost 3 years ago now I think. Fstorm has gotten a long way since then, it's gotten a lot better and a lot more features have been added. I'm especially pleased with the last speed upgrade, I already have a fast pc with 3x 3090's in it but with the speed upgrade it's like have double that! But most of all the realism is just so good and it is just that little bit better that other renderers miss.

      Thank Andrey for all your hard work and keep it up!


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        I used to use many other renderers and once I converted some of my big fully 3D scenes to Fstorm they just looked most of the time twice as good with just default conversion. And some scene where I couldn't get the light rays to go into some dark areas no matter what settings I upped in other render engines Fstorm just did it at default settings. Most render engines can't render well scenes with tunnels, hallways or large night city scenes, but Fstorm does it with no to little render setting changes.
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          Yeah i wont be using any other render engine .. straight out of the box Fstorm works like i wont it to work ... Fantastic, love it