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RANCH Renderfarm: FStorm support

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  • RANCH Renderfarm: FStorm support

    Hi everyone,

    As you may know, the fast and affordable RANCH Renderfarm has been supporting FStorm for some time.

    I am glad to announce that we now officially support FStorm Render v1.1.0 for 3DSMax 2014 to 2017.

    There is a new version of RANCHecker v2.5.18 which will prepare your FStorm projects before sending them to the RANCH!

    Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries.


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    On your website it says
    "Up to 6 powerful GPU cards per server" (Tesla 12GB Vram)

    How much time for the Fstorm Benchmark Scene 2 to complete on your render server? (Or is the fastest system you offer the 4x Pascal X Titan as on the spreadsheet 2m45s?)
    How does it work with frame distribution for animations?
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      Hi Antonyebl,

      Thanks for your interest and sorry for the delay.

      We have a current OctaneBench score of 5800+ for the GPUFarm (8 servers).
      It will take 2min 45sec for a still image like the benchmark scene as you can have only one single node for still image project.

      Nonetheless you can have the whole power dedicated to your projects for animations.
      For instance, an animation rendered within 1h on this powerful server would be rendered within 7.5 minutes with the whole GPU power.

      We plan to increase the GPU Power soon… Stay tuned.

      For information, we are now running with the 1.1.2d version of Fstorm Render.
      The best would be to test the service out thanks to our nice 30 € free trial refill for new users.

      Please contact us at for further information.

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        Hi everyone,

        Long time no post!

        We have now 272 powerful GPUs available 24/7 ready to render all your FStorm projects!

        The RANCH currently supports the latest 1.2.5d FStorm version.




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          The RANCH now supports FStorm version 1.2.5e.


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            The RANCH now supports FStorm version 1.2.5f.


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              The RANCH now supports FStorm version 1.2.7b.


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                The RANCH now supports FStorm version 1.3.5r.