FStorm 1.1.4

FStormRender v1.1.4 for 3ds Max is ready.

Changes since the last alpha version 0.3. 8a:

A major optimization work has been done since version 0.3.8a.
As a result, version 1.1.4 works faster (about 10% depending on a scene) and produces less noise. A lot of various bugs were fixed causing various rendering errors and software crashes. Version 1.1.4 has better GPU memory management. It allows to use less GPU memory to store bitmap textures and GPU kernel service data.

New advanced bump mapping does not break model smoothing
A new bump mapping approach has been introduced since FStormRender 1.1.3.  You can set higher bump power without any fear. New bump mapping handles it perfectly, avoids any artifacts and gives better model look in general.


Render elements
Render elements has been introduced since FStormRender 1.1.0.  
Materials masks element fills the image with material mask color customized by user.
Objects masks  element fills the image with object wire color.
Z-Depth element fills the image with gray scale colors corresponding to distance from camera to surface shading point.
Normals element fills the image with colors corresponding to normal orientation of surface at shading point.
Coordinates element fills the image with colors corresponding to position of shading point in world/camera space.
Ambient occlusion element produces fast way of simple GI effect.
Wire element draws edges of rendering primitives such as triangles and displacement primitives.
Edges element draws edges and outlines of rendering surfaces.


Environment override (alpha environment)
Alpha environment allows you to split visible environment from lighting environment. You don't need to use Photoshop to replace a background image anymore.


Shadow catcher (matte)

A single material/object matte property turns any object to matte with shadow catching ability. After several consultations with lead composing specialists and introduced changes, shadow catcher works solid and stable. It allows to fit rendered objects to existing environment for any complex cases.


Multi-region render
Multi-region render allows you to select multiple areas via simple selection editor. Just hold shift key to add rectangular selection or hold alt to remove rectangular selection. You can create as many areas as you want.


Objects visibility
Since version 1.0.2 it is possible to set and use various object properties such as general object visibility, direct camera visibility, casting shadows. Back-plates block sun light? Just switch off shadow casting option.


Rounded edges do not slow down render as much as before
High quality rounded edges are hard to calculated at render time, and they may slowdown rendering process in most cases. With FStormRender 1.1.4 it is not a problem anymore.


Tone mapping burn value range extends to negative areas
You can compress highlight areas as much as you want without any limitations. The range continues up to -10.0 values which is able to compress any overbright areas.


Other features
● Real-world scale option for FStormBitmap texture.
● Ability to use object wire color for material shading via FStorm Object Color Texture.
● FStorm Random Color texture now can use material id as randomization source.
● More FStorm Bitmap Texture border modes: tile, mirror, clamp.
● Better mouse navigation in RT buffer.
● Some IES may look black from side view. There is a new IES option to fix it (min value in FStorm ies settings).