FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.5.1d

Changes: 3ds max 2023 support. removed 3ds max 2014-2015 support. FStormScatter. FStormScatter shape area controll. FStormScatter preview object number controll. FStorm Output texture suuport clamp option. Custom material for gray material rendering. FStormCamera viewport FOV limit.
Bug fixes: Inconsistent FStormFur and FStormScatter geometry generation. FStormScatter crash with network rendering.

FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.5.0l

Changes: Increase rendering speed (1.1x-3.0x depending on a scene geometry). Increase geometry compilation speed (1.5x-2.0x depending on a scene geometry). Slight changes in tonemapping (fixed incrorrect colors in some cases). Corona 7 Physical material conversion. Rounded edges texture control. 3ds max output rollout for fstorm output texture. tyFlow instancing support. Power clamp for direct lighting is removed. License offline mod duration is increased from 2 days to 15 days.
Bug fixes: broken geometry, oversaturated colors, gpu crash, Anima plugin crash. tyFlow memory leak. broken multitexture seed animation. Rendering preparation hang. Realflow animation update.

FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.4.3d

Changes: FStormFur. Hairs glossy anisotropy. Reflection IOR. Physical material conversion. FStormFur random bend octaves. Keep reflections/refractions in mask rendering. Bug fixes: Broken geopatten. Some other minor bugs. Broken normals in some cases. Gpu crash of optical zoom. Crash in case of incorrect geometry

FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.4.2g

Changes: Improved displacement. Improved kernel exposure behaviour. Anamorphic/vignetting DOF. More 3ds max actions. Improved glare. Material layers render element. Fstorm atmosphere and volumetric income moved to SSS render element. 3ds max 2022 support. Bitmap texture blur. Geopattern random offset steps. Bug fixes: Material replacement with maxscript crash. Hair and fur crash during production render. Incorrect displacement normals orientation. Displacement hang on complex/incorrect geometry. Incorrect bitmap color depth in some file formats. Incorrect motion blur normals orientation.

FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.4.1m

Changes: Bitmaps compression on GPU. Improved rendering interactivity. Color correction texture multiplier parameter. Emission affect diffuse/glossy option. New Ornatrix SDK support. Power clamp is removed. Kernel exposure is introduced. Noise darkness threshold. Improved tonemapping. Tonemapping color preserve option. Optimization of environment direct lighting + portal combination. New sun/sky model.
Bug fixes: Incorrect volumetric bounding box calculation. Distance texture high memory use. RT rendering crash. Black HDRI texture preview. Black region render. Bitmap compression crash. Incorrect region render rendering. No direct lighting with switch material. Incorrect light exclude with reflections. Missed double side option in light object. Render elements rendering crash. Incorrect displacement animation. Incorrect volumetric objects animation
This version may affect scene lighting. Do not update on major projects. Incorrect light exclude work. Incorrect projections update.

FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.4.0

Changes: Volumetric modifier. Volumetric material. Camera distortion. Distance texture speedup.

FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.3.6g

Changes: Texture baking (in fstorm camera render settings). 3ds max 2021 support. Improved tonemapping. White balance picker. Scene compilation speedup. Improved reflections/refractions brdf. Glossy anisotropy. FStorm gradient texture viewport preview. Hard/soft glossy option. Auto instance option. Improved scratches texture.
Bug fixes: Distance texture crash. Gpu crash with low max depth. Incorrect result with refraction roughness option. Incorrect highlights with 1.0 glossy. Broken instance option. Auto instance crash. Incorrect shadows pass.

FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.3.5r

Changes: Parallax bump, Parallax shadows. Improved matte with environment projection. Material projections. Material switcher. Post/pre render notifications (for scripts). Shadows pass. VRay triplanar map convertion. RGB muliply map convertion. Glossy/Shadows texture. Improved normal smoothing. Projection mapping for gradient texture.
Bug fixes: Scene compilation slowdown. Normals calculation crash. Production render crash. Incorrect geometry update. Broken displacement normals in case of mirrored objects. Broken AO pass. Incorrect emission of invisible lights. Incorrect bump of complex textures. 5% speed drop.Gradient texture crash. Incorrect gradient texture spherical mapping. Edges render element artifacts. Material projections artefacts. Parallax shadows artefacts

FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.3.4g

Changes: Portals + environment direct lighting optimization. Fstorm bitmap texture transform input (from another texture). FStorm random color input slot. Right click pixel info. Network license support. Distance texture. Color correction settings input. Improved sampling of long lights. Glossy preserve clamp option.
Bug fixes: Broken IES lighting. Slow instances processing. Slow direct lighting processing. Portals sampling artifacts. Incorrect gpu memory display. Incorrect rounded edges + motion blur. No prodution render in case of offline mode. Distance+bitmap textures crash. Sun + exclude gpu crash. Distance texture offset doesn't work. Distance texture geometry crash.

This build may change scene environment lighting significantly. Don't use for current projects.

FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.3.3i

Changes: Geometry memory optimization (30%-50% less memory use). Focus picker ignores invisible (zero opacity) objects. Bitmap random tiling. Corona color correction texture conversion. Triplanar independed axis rotation
Bug fixes: Incorrect production render alpha. Broken motion blur and displacement bump mapping. Right click cancel fstorm ligth creation crash. Network rendering crash. Broken geopattern normals. Broken geopattern uvw coordinates. Incorrect object colors with motion blur.  Incorrect reflections/refractions visibility of material Id channel. Incorrect network rendering. Broken focus picker in case of some gpu disabled. Incorrect motion blur geometry. Incorrect render mask with multiple reflections/refractions. Diffuse material affects multimatte/material Id channel. Fstorm light sources affect material Id channel. Broken support of old gpus models. Scene conversion bugs. Incorrect triplanar bump shading. Incorrect environment direct lighting sampling
Render slave requires full license at the moment. There will be a special network license in the future.