FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.5.6R

Changes: Improved and reworked light sampling. Optimized direction lighting. Light sampling power based option is removed. Multiple suns support. Environment sampling ratio. Increase geopattern precision. FStorm Denoiser. DenoiseNormal and DenoiseAlbedo render elements. Scene lister selection only option. 3ds max 2025 support.

Bug fixes: Broken texture render element. Broken Pulze and other render managers compatibility. Displacement artifacts. Environment lighting dims interior lights. Broken AO render element. Environment atmosphere with light exclude GPU crash. Incorrect atmosphere rendering in render elements. Crash on incorrect geometry uvw mapping. Environment texture gets blurred by denoiser. High Forest Pack GPU memory use. Motion blur crash. Crash if render time limit is too small. Broken Forest Pack geometry update. Broken alpha channel. Incorrect normals of proxy geometry. Gpu crash of volume geometry + light exclude. Broken Ornatrix support. Incorrect DenoiseAlbedo element network rendering. Gpu crash with rounded edges + matte geometry.

FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.5.5K

Changes: Speedup bitmaps management on GPU. Bitmap displacement/GeoPattern don't require smooth groups. Bitmap displacement/GeoPattern motion blur support. Animation support for most FStorm objects values. Light sampling power based option. Reduced artifacts of high ray threshold values.

Bug fixes: GPU crash on incorrect geometry. Incorrect IES files loading. Broken FStormFur. Incorrect displacement normals with material id specified. No geopattern geometry with material id specified. Broken FStorm Scatter filter node. Broken FStorm output texture color mod. Network render update hanging during massive changes. ForestPack objects don't work with include/exclude option. Incorrect normals for motion blurred objects. Broken FStorm modifiers on Forest Pack geometry. ForestPack objects animation crash. Bitmap displacement distortions on flat surfaces. Incorrect normals of bitmap displacement on instanced geometry. GPU crash while rendering environment render element. Incorrect bitmaps update on network slaves. Broken displacement of negative power. Incorrect matte in reflections/refractions. Volumetrics cause GPU crash. Incorrect render elements rendering with atmosphere.

FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.5.4G

Changes: CryptoMatte render element. Render elements support for volumetrics and atmosphere. Environment (inverted alpha) render element. Atmosphere edge softness parameter. Changing of FStorm material diffuse default settings. More colors for FStorm random color texture. Switching to Itoo ForestPack native API. Small speed up for heavy geometry update. Same material and element options for rounded edges. Bitmap no compression replaced with advanced compression setting. Objects include/exclude add/remove buttons. Max script access to fstorm objects exclude/include lists. Max script access for FStormBitmap reload command. FStorm bitmap takes crop settings from source node.
Bug fixes: Volumetrics block direct lighting component too much. Incorrect cryptomatte output if no material assigned. 3ds max exr output doesn't save render elements. Incorrect saving of frame buffer tonemapping settings. Incorrect name of FStorm Light material params inside max script. Render elements are saved only for 1st frame. Incorrect colors for FStorm random color texture with low mixing. Volume objects visibility properties are ignored. Incorrect RailClone geometry update. Slow ForestPack real-time geometry update. Portals dim exterior lighting. Atmosphere softness numerical issues. Changing include/exclude via script or +/- buttons doesn't restart rendering. Incorrect atmosphere + opacity rendering. Slowdown of portals + environment direct lighting rendering.

FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.5.3n

Changes: Grid type displacement (supports procedural textures). 3ds max 2024 support. Light material support in Light Lister. FStorm Scatter + grid displacement support. Scene Lister (Light Lister + other scene resources). Use of uvw channel as vertex velocity. Increased tonemapping precision on dark areas. Proper FStorm Scatter copying. Scatter support for material projections. Material projections motion blur. Include/exclude option for scattered objects.
Bug fixes: Geometry compilation crash. Broken FStormRandomColor texture. Incorrect IES lighting orientation (may affect current scene lighting). Broken color picker in FStormGradient texture. Scene converter crash. Broken bitmap random tiling bump. Gpu crash. Broken displacement triplanar mapping. Slow/incorrect grid displacement render on broken geometry. Slow/incorrect motion blur render on broken geometry. Broken color bitmap compression. Shading artifacts on remote surfaces from scene origin. Incorrect render element noise measure. Incorrect Scene Lister UI scaling. Displacement grid doesn't work with instance geometry.

FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.5.2j

Changes: Ray tracing rework. Faster rendering (depends on a scene). Lower GPU memory use (depends on a scene). Scattering instance along shape objects (FStormScatter). Camera motion blur option. Bitmap texture animation offset and speed. Geometry reload button works with active pause button. Optimized colorful SSS and atmosphere. FStorm camera objects exclude/include. FStorm camera dof object focal distance. Itoo RailClone instancing support. Build-in mix texture to FStorm falloff, noise, dirt and front-back. 3ds max Instancing API support. Adjusted tonemapping contrast. Different tonemapping types. Dedicated emission material. Options for quick fur, scatter, pattern, volumetric disable. Texture switch.
Bug fixes: Broken geometry on flat surfaces. Geometry compilation crash. Broken FStormScatter UVW mapping. Slow scatter generation while RT rendering. Slow rendering with zero size objects. Backing texture seams. Incorrect RailClone geometry fetching. Some scatter parameters are not updated in animation. Motion blur crash. Invisible to camera option makes object completely invisible. Incorrect FStormScatter nodes pins positions. FStormScatter viewport update lags. Incorrect rounded edges look on scaled instanced geometry. GPU errors on incorrect FStormScatter geometry.

FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.5.1e

Changes: 3ds max 2023 support. removed 3ds max 2014-2015 support. FStormScatter. FStormScatter shape area controll. FStormScatter preview object number control. FStorm Output texture support clamp option. Custom material for gray material rendering. FStormCamera viewport FOV limit.
Bug fixes: Inconsistent FStormFur and FStormScatter geometry generation. FStormScatter crash with network rendering. Broken Material Projection UI. GPU crash during volumetric compilation.

FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.5.0l

Changes: Increase rendering speed (1.1x-3.0x depending on a scene geometry). Increase geometry compilation speed (1.5x-2.0x depending on a scene geometry). Slight changes in tonemapping (fixed incrorrect colors in some cases). Corona 7 Physical material conversion. Rounded edges texture control. 3ds max output rollout for fstorm output texture. tyFlow instancing support. Power clamp for direct lighting is removed. License offline mod duration is increased from 2 days to 15 days.
Bug fixes: broken geometry, oversaturated colors, gpu crash, Anima plugin crash. tyFlow memory leak. broken multitexture seed animation. Rendering preparation hang. Realflow animation update.

FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.4.3d

Changes: FStormFur. Hairs glossy anisotropy. Reflection IOR. Physical material conversion. FStormFur random bend octaves. Keep reflections/refractions in mask rendering. Bug fixes: Broken geopatten. Some other minor bugs. Broken normals in some cases. Gpu crash of optical zoom. Crash in case of incorrect geometry

FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.4.2g

Changes: Improved displacement. Improved kernel exposure behaviour. Anamorphic/vignetting DOF. More 3ds max actions. Improved glare. Material layers render element. Fstorm atmosphere and volumetric income moved to SSS render element. 3ds max 2022 support. Bitmap texture blur. Geopattern random offset steps. Bug fixes: Material replacement with maxscript crash. Hair and fur crash during production render. Incorrect displacement normals orientation. Displacement hang on complex/incorrect geometry. Incorrect bitmap color depth in some file formats. Incorrect motion blur normals orientation.

FStormRender for 3ds Max v1.4.1m

Changes: Bitmaps compression on GPU. Improved rendering interactivity. Color correction texture multiplier parameter. Emission affect diffuse/glossy option. New Ornatrix SDK support. Power clamp is removed. Kernel exposure is introduced. Noise darkness threshold. Improved tonemapping. Tonemapping color preserve option. Optimization of environment direct lighting + portal combination. New sun/sky model.
Bug fixes: Incorrect volumetric bounding box calculation. Distance texture high memory use. RT rendering crash. Black HDRI texture preview. Black region render. Bitmap compression crash. Incorrect region render rendering. No direct lighting with switch material. Incorrect light exclude with reflections. Missed double side option in light object. Render elements rendering crash. Incorrect displacement animation. Incorrect volumetric objects animation
This version may affect scene lighting. Do not update on major projects. Incorrect light exclude work. Incorrect projections update.