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Kernel Setting Alpha Defaulted on?

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  • Kernel Setting Alpha Defaulted on?

    This request came to mind when someone else mentioned how they forgot to turn on the alpha option before rendering. For me this doesn't happen anymore because i am more familiar with Fstorm now, but when I first used I often forgot to turn this option on. Would it be possible to have this defaulted on when you first load Fstorm?

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    Most users used to have it off by default.


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      Understand, I think it's because most render engines start with a black background so it at first threw me off when I tried rendering and found no alpha. Also, it's because I come from a VFX background and almost everything I render has an alpha. This is the first render engine I used with an option to turn it off so I guess it's something I never thought of an option before, nice to have and I do leave it off on full 3D shots. If poeple do architect or full 3D renders I'd guess they would never need alpha which I know alot of Fstorm people use it for.