FStormRender does not support 3ds max environment settings due to lack of multiplier control and other paramters. It has own environment settings.

direct lighting allows environment working as a light source with direct lighting emission. It helps with faster noise reduction in case of contrasting environment producing sharp shadows.
enabled turns on environment direct lighting emission.
hemisphere excludes bottom hemisphere from direct lighting calculation.
sampling ratio sets sampling balance between environment and others light sources. Small value gives less samples to the environment.
resolution sets environment rasterization resoltion for importance sampling. It should be increased only in case of very tiny light details on the environment texture.

alpha environment allows to replace main (lighting) environment for direct visibility and for reflections/refractions depending on materials reflection/refraction alpha settings.

Matte projection sets a point from which the environment texture will be projected on matte geometry.
If camera is set as a point, the environment texture will be projected from camera view.

In case of custom point, user's coordinates will be used for the environment texture projecton to matte geometry.

Atmosphere fills space around the scene with certain medium. It produces natural sky colors with haze, volume light and all other fog effects. No need for a camera sphere anymore.

height - height of the atmosphere.

distance - sets how far it is possible to see through the atmosphere.

scattering - sets medium scattering color.

absorption - sets medium absorption color.