FStorm Material Projection projects a material with alpha/mask to any surface. Rendering projections requires FStorm Projection Materal applied to the surface.

length, width and hight - projection gizmo size. The projection shows only inside the gizmo and generates uvw mapping relative to the gizmo box.

mask - mask texture sets projection shape. if no texture is assigned, a whole gizmo volime is used. Mask texture with gray colors produces semi transparent projection.
material - a material to be projected. A material with zero opacity can be used for making holes in the surface.

FStorm Material Projection generates special projection mapping. In order to use the projection mapping, texture mapping type has to be set to projection.

Id sets projection id. This id should be specified in FStorm Projection Material. Any projections with corresponding ids will be used by FStorm Projection Material automatically. 

z-order set what projections have to placed on top of others in case of overlapping several projections. A projection with higher z-order will be placed on top

normal angle sets limit of angle between surface normal and projection direction.

UVW spaces sets basic uvw tiling and real word option.