Geometry panel:
type - there are 3 camera types:
standard is regular camera type for most cases.
spherical is panoramic spherical camera.
cube 6x1 is panoramic cube camera with 6 cube sides in line.
lens - field of view in millimeters (Aperture width in 3ds max render settings is taking into account)
fov - field of view in degrees: 
targeted switches between free and targeted camera.
target distance sets distance to virtual target for free camera.
horizontal/vertical shift offsets the field of view of the camera in horizontal/vertical directions.
horizontal/vertical tilt rotates the field of view of the camera horizontally/vertically. Used for perspective correction.
near clipping cuts off all geometry for primary camera rays closer than clipping distance.
stereo sets stereo frames orientation on render image or disables it.
stereo distance sets distance between eyes.
stereo convergence sets stereo convergence on target point.

depth of field settings description are explained in camera section

tone mapping settings description are explained in tone mapping section

glare settings description are explained in glare section